Will my termination affect a promotion to CP?

Okay, so a while ago I got terminated for trolling on this forum under an alt.

I am not appealing this in this topic.

I accept I did wrong.

But say I worked my way up to Warden again through trainings, and then a CAC noticed me for activity/i passed an inspection.

Would my termination affect this in any way?

Am I locked from going higher than a certain rank because of my termination?

No, you csn always work your way back up but to answer your question, yes, it MIGHT affect your promotion. Your rank isnt locked, however, it might take a while longer as they are also looking at the history. Also, were you that guy that hinted in CWOTB and CMOTB topic? Im just curious, you dont need to answer.

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It will affect your changes of CP quite a lot, as a termination is a heavy punishment.
Its still possible to get CP if you’re really active though

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Sadly it will lower your chance.