Would be nice to have elevated admin privileges (FOR OWNER) in Private Server

It would be cool to be able to test out the weapons that OC/BOG/etc have, etc. As well as being able to spawn things like the weird taco truck I saw a few days ago lol.

better idea imo: In VIP servers make all of the teams unlocked for the owner

I think spawning stuff would be way to much to add just for a private server although I do agree with being able to use those weapons

I don’t see why not, it’d be a nice incentive for people to buy private servers. Like
“Hey sv admin how’d you spawn that truck? I wish I could”
“Well little timmy, you can. Either go through the impossible process of promotion OR pay a miniscule 250 to do it in your own private server.”

But in private servers people can just AFK grind levels

They will get banned probably. Also, what does your post have to do with the topic?