Yard Barrier And Different Cards

Inmates use the fence to climb up and escape prison. If you add a Barrier Inmates won’t be able to escape.
Medics or any rank under Commander enter the Command Room. At least give the Commanders a different keycard with access? Correctional officers or medics like to bring inmates in there.

Its supposed to be like this, else they wont be able to escape at all unless they buy something

That sounds like a SCP game with different key cards

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Okay, So ERT+ are allowed in maxim area and ranks below under ERT are not and even tho they all know that do it there for we need a card for ERT+ for the maxim cell block to enter to help keep this requrment for not be egnored.

Ranks lower abuse LD or let inmates in their cells for no reason during CB. If you’d want this to happen go ahead.

Whatever, Even if they add it for ERT+ or COMM+, then it’s their problem, not mine.

It’ll actually be harder for CO+ to fight. And they always hide up there (usually) grinding XP plus it breaks the point of RP.

The point of rp is that they have a change of escaping if they work together?!??

Well, police officers come up there and if the door isn’t closed they may just escape like that, bam. But as my first sentence, I was saying as if the officers come up there and arrest them. so then what’s the point of RP if officers are gonna arrest them anyways?

Or maybe put that like COMM- cant de acces the pannel. And about keycards im sure they will have gamepasses for them so it will only reduce it but not fully.

Omg actually really stop reviving dead posts