You should be able to revert back to your old rank if you accidently claim a lower one

Today I claimed the Commander rank for fun, and didn’t realize that it would drop my rank. When I asked, I was told no one could do anything about it, even though I had a the evidence of promotion logs.

I think that if you have the promotion logs/evidence, and are able to prove that you had your rank (ex. Screenshots, logs, etc.), you should be able to get your old rank back.


I Disagree this would create too much work for CAC+


You should be able to claim your previous rank (up to warden) back after your cooldown ends (you need to be a certain level to claim, e.g. ERT at level 4, comm at level 8, etc)

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I agree as I was an SI(Superintendent) that I had redeemed from a training that I passed. Soon after a cadet wanted me to show him what a correctional officer looked like so I changed rank to correctional officer.After that I could redeem back SI it said I have to purchase It to get! So I was forced to start from dP(Deputy Warden) as it the highest rank you can get without spending robux!

  1. Don’t revive dead topics
  2. They’ve addressed this in the discord, and they say they can’t give you your old rank back.
  1. Its DW.
  2. You can get all ranks without spending robux.
  3. No one forced you to start from DW as it was Your Choice to be Correctional Officer.
  4. Stop reviving dead topics.


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