You should need HW to go from SI-CP

I’m not sure if it’s required that you need some HWs for CP, like if you can get CP without HWs, but if you can, they should make that a requirement to get HW for CP, so people don’t leave 5 nanoseconds after not getting co-host or helper.

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You need stats to be promoted So yes you need HWs like 10 is good and then the rest could be Co hosting, Helping in shifts and more!

i think this would be useless since the statements here arent true, we can see SI-CP with lots lf HWs.
it shouldn’t matter if they have hw since they worked hard to get the promotion.


HW and monthly minutes are both factors of SI-CP. so is discord activity and maturity

You already need HWs to obtain CP. It’s just better if you have more co-hosting stats than hard workers. It is still a vital feature in getting Chairperson.

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lol true i only had like 8 co hosts and 35 Hws, absolutely correct u need Hws to get cp

bro I was the opposite I had like 40 co hosts 8 hw but it didn’t really matter cuz I got promoted through a promo shift

Hello floridadude,

Hard workers (obtainable from shifts) are already a requirement to reach the rank of Chairperson.

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