Your thoughts on a discord channel that unvotekicks users that got votekicked abused

I think it would be a nice idea to add A VKA channel and HR’s can look at the votekicks and say okay This is Votekick abuse and put it to a VKA channel and can keep track of Votekick abusers and can say okay this will affect them on future promotions, I think It’s a good idea to know who Votekick abuses and can put the votekick abuser on the log and the votekicked user will be un votekicked but only if they get logged on to the log. I can remember when I hosted as CP I got VK’ed for no reason and HR’s can look back into that and say okay he got Votekicked for no reason and log the VKA into VKA logs for a termination. And the Person can get un votekicked only they log it or who knows maybe a discord bot that unvotekicks the user who knows.

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So uh, we don’t really need that, you can just join a different server because sv always at least have two servers online, so this is not needed

First we already have a channel that logs votekick and I think they don’t deserve there own channel.

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uh only FD+ can access to vk logs

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Ok and why more characters bruh

Ye and thats enough