2022 Admin Commands Update (UNOFFICIAL)

List of every single command in-game.

Most Commands require a reason for logging purposes.

Command Permission Level Description
kick HR Bring up the punishment prompt
ban SHR+ Bring up the punishment prompt
gban SHR+ Bring up the punishment prompt
unban SHR Revoke the ban of a user. This unban should be logged.
punish SHR Bring up the punishment prompt
jail SHR Puts a user in a jail box
unjail SHR Removes a user from a jail box
infractions HR Views player strikes and infractions
respawn Gamepass HR
res HR Respawns a user
sm SHR System Message on the middle of everyone’s screen
cmds Everyone View all Commands
superadmin SHR Give someone superadmin permissions
admin SHR Give someone admin permissions
mod SHR Give someone mod permissions
unadmin Gamepass Remove permissions from a user
admins Gamepass View admins
ingameadmins Gamepass View in-game admins
chatlogs Gamepass View chatlogs
logs Gamepass View command logs
bans Gamepass View server bans
pm Gamepass Personal Message someone
shutdown SHR Shutdown the server
m SHR Message on the middle of everyone’s screen
slock SHR Server lock
unslock SHR Remove server lock
h HR Heading notification
tp SHR Teleport to someone
warp SHR+ Warp to an area. [sr = session room, ar = admin room, city = city, prison = prison]
adminduty SHR+ Become an on-duty administrator (avatar + tag)
adminoffduty SHR+ Go off-duty as administrator (avatar + tag)
to SHR+ Teleport to someone
bring SHR+ Bring someone
team SHR+ Change someone’s team
info Gamepass View a user’s info
hat Gamepass Give a user a hat
joinlogs Gamepass View the server’s join logs
!joinserver Everyone Join a server by it’s ID
!serverid Everyone Get the server’s ID
gamepassinfo Gamepass Get a gamepass’ info by ID
iteminfo Gamepass Get an items’ info by ID
srlock HR+ Session room door lock
shutdownlogs SHR Shutdown logs
jump me Gamepass Jump
sit me Gamepass Sit
view Gamepass View a player
unview Gamepass Stop viewing a player
ref HR+ Refresh a player
refresh Gamepass HR+
place SHR+ Send someone to a placeid
god SHR God someone
ungod SHR Ungod someone
ff SHR Force Field Someone
unff SHR UnForce Field Someone
volume HR+ Set music volume
vol SHR Set music volume
pitch Gamepass Set music pitch
stopsound Gamepass Stop music
setreverb SHR Set reverb
reverbs Gamepass View reverb
countdown SHR Countdown from a number on everyone’s screen
tools SHR View tools in the server
give SHR Give a player tools
startergear SHR View startergear
time SHR+ Set game time
removetools SHR+ Remove a player’s tools
clearstartergear HR+ Clear startergear
createserver SHR+ Create a private server
deleteserver SHR+ Delete a private server
privateservers Gamepass View private servers
toreserved SHR+ Teleport to a private server
name SHR+ Change someone’s name
unname Gamepass Remove someone’s name
change SHR Edit leaderstat values
heal S SHR+ Heal someone’s damage
crash SHR Crash someone
viewtools Gamepass View someone’s tools
changelog Everyone View the game changelog
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Please message me here or In Discord for any changes or updates on this.

skoseck - Chairperson - Appeals Staff - President Of Staff Chat

Is that a self-assigned position?

Kinda Roleplay in Discord Server… But yes I am The Staff Chat President.

This part is wrong
We HRs can ban as well, it’s not SHR

The gban should be HR+ and unban is HR and punish is HR

This is wrong as well
The ref and refresh commands are the same thing, they are both gamepass admin

This is wrong as well
FD+ have the srlock command, which means that it’s HR admin

All of that is wrong, all of them are HR+ admin
Are you trying to mislead people right now?

It is copied and it is unofficial and it is still to be more developed…