2022 Training Guide {UPDATED & UNOFFICAL}

2022 Training Guide Unofficial

Host Information:

  • Try find a Co-host, you can only have 2 co-hosts that are CP+.
  • You should find helpers (W+).
  • Even if the server crashes, I want to make this clear. Failed trainings do NOT count as quota.
  • The host can form a wedge and take a picture anytime they want.
  • Send this announcement when you are ready: “h A training is being hosted in the Sessions room. Come attend for a chance to be promoted!”


Please remember to ask your Co-host(s) if they are ready before starting.
PM your co-hosts (if you have any) and ask them what phase they want to do.

Host: Hello, welcome to my training today! I will be your host, (username), my rank here at Stateview Corporation is (rank). My Co-Host will now introduce themselves.

Co-host: Hello, I am (username), my rank here at Stateview Corporation is (rank). I will be Co-Hosting this training today!

Host: Before we begin, let’s go over a few rules to help you pass this training!


I - You must call me and my Co-Host by our ranks at all times.

II - Do not go AFK (Away From Keyboard) or say PTS (Permission To Speak) while I am speaking, during this training. Doing this will result in removal.

III - You must be respectful to everyone at all times. Not following this will result in a removal of the training and a demotion/suspension.

IV - If there is any problem, come to me, my Co-Host or any other CP+ assistance. You must not ask us for a promotion/rank or it be instant removal.

V - Trolling of any form is unacceptable! Grammar must be used throughout this training. Trolling or not using grammar will result in a strike or instant removal of this training.

VI – PTS is active unless stated otherwise. Talking without permission WILL result in a strike

Co-Host: Alright, without further ado, let’s begin!

Host: This training is made up of 4 sections, Faces, Questions, Scenarios, and Shooting.

Phase 1 | Faces

  • Faces must be done, no excuses allowed. Faces are basically you facing the way the Host/Co-Host tell you.
  • Host/Co-Host, you have the option to go over faces or start the test right away.
  • Elimination is completely optional for the host to do!
  • You are allowed to let your co-host do this phase.

Host/Co-host: We are now doing Faces. In this phase we will be testing your reaction time and listening skills!

Host/Co-host: Please listen carefully as I will only explain each face once. DO NOT actually do the faces at this point.


Left Face - Turn left 90 degrees from the current position.

Right Face - Turn right 90 degrees from the current position.

Center Face - Turn to normal position. (Position from the beginning or face the Host/Co-Host)

About Face - 180 degrees from the current position.

Control Face - Face the Host/Co-Host at all times. (Host/Co-Host should be in the middle of your screen at all times)

Host/Co-host: Remember, only Center Face breaks Control Face.

Practice Round:

Host/Co-host: Okay, we will now start off with a practice round.
Host/Co-host: Helpers, please ask attendees to “fix” their face when they do it wrong.
You will now need to say the faces randomly and after you say a few, move on to the elimination round.

Elimination Round:

Host/Co-host: We will now be moving on to the elimination round. Helpers, please point out who needs to be seated.
You will now need to say the faces randomly, when you are done then please scroll down.

Phase 2 | Scenarios

  • Host will put themselves and 1 attendee inside the box.
  • You will be a Inmate or officer. (You have TimmyyDev’s permission to team yourselves Inmate and back to the staff team.)
  • The Scenario can be the host’s choice. Here is an example. [Host is a Inmate and the attendee is the Staff. The host will be a Inmate harassing or using a weapon against the staff. How will the staff act appropriately?]
  • You may not leave the box, You will fail this scenario part if you leave the box throughout the phase.
  • HOST, If you are minorly harassing the staff in this scenario they may not kill you or harm you. They may only taze/cuff you. If you use a knife/weapon the staff may use lethal force and kill. Whoever got killed loses. The attendee/staff needs to survive the Inmate attack.
  • The Co-host is allowed to do this part.

Host/Co-host: We will now move onto Scenarios! In this phase we are testing you on your knowledge of the rules, professionalism, grammar and your knowledge with your equipment!

Host/Co-host: Before we move, I’d like to address 3 important rules to pass this section.

  1. DO NOT actually frisk or kill the inmates. (Just say -frisks-)
  2. DO NOT step outside the yellow box.
  3. The tools permitted for this section are handcuffs, tasers, Glocks and shields. The use of any other tools will result in a failure.

Make sure you split them in 2 groups, 2 different lines and call them up one by one then stand them on one end of the box. (If the scenario ends with them cuffing you as an inmate - say: Where will you place me?)

Scenario examples:

  • Inmate spamming - punishment command them to stop and cuff if they do not - placement cell blocks
  • Inmate knifing - tase and cuff - placement solitary
  • Inmate shooting - lethal force killing or tase and cuff - placement Maximum
  • Inmate pushing - punishment command them to stop if they do stop baton or cuff - placement cell blocks
  • Inmate punching - punishment command them to stop or baton or taser and cuff - placement cell blocks or solitary
  • Inmate disrespect - punishment command them to stop, if they do not cuff - placement solitary
  • Inmate asking simple questions - notice how the officer responds
  • Inmate with contraband but not used - frisked and warned. If they found with it again cuff - placement max
  • Inmate rioting - warning, taser, cuffs to move them around. If it gets out of hand it should be cuffed and placed in solitary. (if has a weapon then max)
  • Corrupt cop giving out free ranks - Should be ignored, confronted, reported in intel
  • Corrupt cop telling someone to break rules - Confronted, tell them wrong to do so, reported in intel.
  • IA agent telling people they are in IA as a private agent - reported to leadership or public agent in IA.
  • User Exploiting - Should be ignored, reported in intel.

Remember to ASK helpers to note. (If you got any, it makes it easy for you as the host because you won’t need to note 2 sides.) If helpers don’t want to note then you can note 1 side and the co-host notes the other.

When you are done, please move on to the next phase.

Phase 3 | Questions:

  • PM (Private Message) the trainees the questions individually, all answers should stay between the trainee and the Host/Co-Host.
  • Questions are required to be answered, troll answers will result in a removal from the training.
  • Attendees must be answering with grammar.
  • Host/Co-host will pick 4 random questions out of 10.
  • Only people who have “Gamepass Admin” or HR admin+ can do it.

Host/Co-host: We will now be moving on to Questions, I will PM you 4 questions and you will need to answer them. Once you are done answering them, please turn and face the wall.

PM them the 4 of following questions:

  • What is Lethal Force used for?
  • What are handcuffs used for?
  • What is a taser used for?
  • What is a gun used for?
  • What are a few reasons you should put an inmate in Maximum Security?
  • What are a few reasons you should put an inmate in Solitary Confinement?
  • Why are checkpoints position important?
  • What is a reason to use the vote-kick system?
  • What would you do if you see someone breaking Roblox ToS?
  • What would you do if you see an abuser ingame?

Phase 4 | Accuracy

  • Line up all attendees on the same line.
  • Use one of your helpers to be the target, they will go to one of the far ends of the session room and move side to side (No sprinting or jumping).
  • Host/Co-Host call the trainees up one by one, after they’re done with shooting tell them to stand on another line.
  • Depending on the amount of co-hosts, helpers the host has. You may use shooting as a way to check CDs on the side. Making training faster.
  • You should note all usernames first then you can just remove their name if they fail. It makes it faster and you could do this when they are answering questions.

Host/Co-host: We are now moving onto the accuracy phase! In this phase we will be testing you on your precision, aiming skills, listening skills and your accuracy!

Host/Co-Host: Your task here is simple, you will be called up one by one and your aim is to taze the moving target! You have 3 tries to hit the target. Please remain STS until you are called up.


(Username) Come up.

Knock your weapon!




Concluding The Training

  • When you’re done with the accuracy phase you will line all trainees to the same line.
  • In case CDs have not been checked. Make sure to go onto discord → Intel → #commands and write rg!cooldowns -username-
  • (For CAC+) Gather the usernames, rank the passers and remember to log. (If CDs are not checked you must check them, make sure to confirm with your host!
  • After you conclude your training, log it in #training-logs and delete your session in #session-logs!
  • Remember to use the correct format and make sure to state what type of training you have hosted

Host: We have now completed all phases of the training! In a few minutes I will announce the passers. During this time feel free to chat amongst yourselves (PTS inactive).

Announce passers and line them up in another line!

Host: If you have been promoted from this training, you will have a cooldown ranging from 3 days – 1 week. Please check with us if you’re unsure!

Host: This is the end of the Training! It has been an honour and a joy being your host today!

Co-Host: I as well, want to say it was amazing being your co-host today! You all did great! All dismissed!

“h The training is now over! Passers please say !rejoin to be able to see your new ranks! All dismissed from the session room!

Special thanks to the creators of the original training guide.



I have basically just made the training guide more clear.

This is accurate tbh, I might start using it.

Again this is unofficial

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yaya it’s kinda same as the 2021 one

I basically just made it more clear.

I may actually use this more. Questions introductions is clear, and I can use it instead of typing my introduction to Questions phase.

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This, Host: This training is made up of 4 sections, Faces, Questions, Scenarios, and Shooting.
If Phase 2 was the Scenarios, why does it say its after Questions?

Hey, sorry about that. Just a mistake, I will fix that.

Thanks for your feedback.

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I think something about using channel two for the faces section would be useful.