5 ways to avoid Staff Warnings

  1. Make sure to always follow all rules.
  2. Never disrespect higher ranking officers.
  3. Do not hint, or ask for sessions.
  4. Follow orders given by staff, and do not claim to be a mod.
  5. Do not troll, or raid during sessions.

Let me know if you got anymore ways to avoid it!


uh sometimes I just cant take it and start being disrespectful so i cant really avoid that

It is easy not getting a SW before CP but after CP its completly difffrent

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how? /charactersssssssssssssss

lmao well too bad there is a feature called previous usernames plus u ain’t Getting away with saying ur the opposite gender

  1. be under the rank of CP

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You won’t be staff warned for disrespect unless you’re disrespecting HR’s.

the thing is i am disrespecting hrs

i kindly refuse your offer


I enjoy staff warnings.


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I know that… That’s what I meant.

Nah… Doesn’t really help you. I mean, many LR’s get SW’s too.

you only get an SW as an LR if you do something really stupid but the chances are still much lower than if you are CP+

Doesn’t everyone know these things, the only people who actually do stuff like that most of the time just want to do that from themselves.


Jesus Christ stop reviving dead topics pls