50 Hours in a week requirement for reinstatement

I feel like 7 hours of in-game playtime every day and one more hour in the week is way too much for reinstatement, let’s just say that you wake up at 10AM and to finish your daily “quota” for the reinstatement you need to play 7 hours so you’ll end it at 5PM without stopping and not going AFK which both affects the health and most of the time in the in the current day. What are your opinions about it and how do you think it can be solved in other way?

Reinstatement is not a right. We are allowing you to do certain stuff to get a reinstatement (which can be found in the intel server announcements). Reinstating is completely up to you & if you feel that it’s bad for your mental health, don’t do it. The requirements are so “tight” because only players dedicated to Stateview should be able to reinstate.

Hm, I still think that it is very tight ( Of course not impossible as people have done it ) but okay.

Yes but SV gets to a point where it starts to feel forced.

Once again. You are not obligated to reinstate nor are we obligated to let you reinstate. It’s all up to you and if you meet our requirements or not. You control your own feelings. You don’t / shouldn’t reinstate if you are physically or mentally unable to.


It’s your friendly Chairman of the Board xTre_yy here… to remind you that we have updated our reinstatement regulations!!! YAY!

You can read more at: Staff Rules & Information - Thanks for supporting Stateview, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

I mean I dont need to reinstate but I find it hard to be in the game sometimes longer then the shift I have to host every week.

Its a good game but it is getting stale IMO and desperately needs a update IMO.