50 hours to reinstate

Former CP here, currently SI due to resignation.

In order to reinstate in SVP, you need to play for 50 hours in a week, which is just straight up ridiculous.
First of all, 50 hours a week is a little over 7 hours a day, and that for 7 days in a row. Let’s just keep it short; Nobody’s going to do that.

Secondly, reinstating is something that just shouldn’t be difficult to do. I totally understand that you want people to be active, to make sure they actually stay so after being reinstated, but 50 hours is MORE than just active. Something like 10 hours in a week would do almost the same thing, but is not almost impossible to actually do.

In conclusion:
Playing over 7 hours a day is bad, even if it is to ‘‘earn’’ something that shouldn’t be even hard to do. 10 hours would make more sense.

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Reinstatements shouldnt be easy. SVL wanted them to show commitment by that. Many have already done it before. If it was only 10 hours a week, it would be very easy and everyone could get reinstated every time. By having to do 50 hours, its harder to get reinstated which is quite frankly good in my opinion

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They should not be impossible either. Your players have lives outside of a Prison Roleplay Game

They arent impossible though. Many alreaey did it so

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They are impossible for people who have lives and can not nolife a lowkey boringish game for most their week. (It is getting boring kind of)

I totally understand your point, but something like 20 hours is also showing enough commitment. If somebody plays (for example) 20 hours a week, they are already putting almost 3 hours into the game daily, which already requires a lot of commitment to do.

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Then your not as invested as they want you to be if you can’t put 50 hours in

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Im a grade 11 student with ATAR exams who can get only 3-4 hours of gaming done a day tops. If dropping out of school is required for a rank on a video game then its clear the rank needs too much.

The point is that NOT EVERYONE HAS 50 FREE HOURS A WEEK. Some people have irl things like school, study, jobs. Not being able to do 50 hours does not mean they arent as much invested.

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So you clearly don’t have the time to reinstate

I dont think I match anything for reinstating.

But at least you get the point that some people do not have time and it doesnt mean they are less invested

I agree. A lego prison game shouldn’t be your full-time job.


tbf i do agree that 50 hours in a week is a bit ridiculous but I think they should lower it to 35-40 hours or something like that