A car heist + New car

We know there will be a bank added to the game which will boost the city being useful.
We know there will be new sessions added in 500K members.

Why not add a 4 driver car/truck. To make this more interesting add a heist for it, criminals will need to break into a place and rob this car. I don’t think it needs to have staff guarding or protecting it, the heist should be difficult and there should be a 30min cool down for the car to respawn and to execute the heist again.

During shifts or RPC, this would make it more interesting and fun when 4 criminals come through the gate with a 4 seat vehicle. Just make the suspension higher than normal cars if this suggestion is being considered.

Btw make the heist very hard so chances of getting the car would be rare and would be balanced. Tell me what you guys think of a 4 seat car suggestion


Nonono I don’t like this idea because if we had a heist than it wouldn’t really be roleplay. This is a prison roleplay game not a robbery game.

That is why no staffs will be protecting it, also there would be a huge cooldown so this won’t be done frequently. All the staff can be in the prison where few criminals can try to attempt this. Also there would be a bank heist added which would make city popular for sometime

Still, I disagree because people would go to the robbery when they became criminal instead of raiding the prison, making it boring for the police (in my opinion)