A deputy CP rank

Can only host and co host shifts

Needs FD+ supervision

Can become a CP by showing that they know how to properly host shifts and fulfill their duties.

But then CPs can also co trainings and don’t need supervision

Cap on no. of DCPs at 75.

The Idea is it would result in CPs not needing supervision and it would show players how to be a CP so they don’t need to be supervised, making it so that overall FD+ need to do less supervision. It would be a sort of transitional rank to help players transition from being a warden to being a CP.

I hope this made sense.

No no no no no.

Your deputy CP is just a CP, your CP is just an FD, and even if they weren’t, how would FD be different from CP? We do not need a deputy CP rank, W-CP promos are already common. This update would throw ranks off tremendously.

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