A few random questions I have

I just have a few questions about Stateview that I want to ask

Why is spectating a session such a big deal? It seems like spec perms are pretty hard to get.

What ranks can get promoted from inspections?

What is the point of OC? It’s cool and all, but it seems like it’s just extra power for people in it. Also, are the dept ranks in it?

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cause low ranks or untrusted people can ruin a session if they sped and try to spectate

CAO-CP, FD very rarely (if leadership attendance maybe)

oc patrols and kills riots with their stuff, and yes any dept has ranks

What makes FD so rare to be promoted? Don’t you just have to pass?

As far as I know, CAC is supposed to be hard to get and if you want to promote someone to CAC, some SVL member has to say yes first (sorta going in the direction of handpicking ig)

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what do u do if a SVL doesn’t necessarily like u

Well, not get promoted. However I’d expect the SVL to be rational and dislike you for a reason that actually makes you kinda unfit for CAC.

fd technically cant be promoted from inspections but with leadership attendance they can be i think

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Bias, report it


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No, you also must have the stats for the rank. FD-CAC promotions are huge deals since an HR promotion isn’t a joke

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