A Message to Stateview Forum Moderation

Hello my name is Verified Nexus. This account is new but I am not new to this forum website or game. My former account was “that1kid”. I was an active user of this forum and a trusted member of the game. In my past, I posted many controversial articles such as “Top 7 Overpriced Gamepasses in Stateview V2”. It was a hit on the website with up to 13 upvotes last time I checked. In the article I talked about the 7 gamepasses that were overpriced and why. I did not signal any hate toward the community and simply asked them to resolve the issue. After posting the article, I took a break from the internet and stayed away for a few weeks. After coming back, I get a surprise. I search on the forum website and notice 2 things. A revamp and my missing account. I try to login but the account doesn’t exist and so are my uploaded forums. Here’s the link to one: https://forum.stateview.io/d/407-top-7-most-overpriced-gamepasses-in-stateview-v2.

I didn’t show signs of hate to the community and I really like playing this game. I do not know if this was a mistake or intentional but I would like a response. If this was a mistake, I would be very grateful if my account was recovered. Thank you.

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Same thing, my account was the one with most rep. This happend because we switched to disqus fourms, which a diffrent previder, so the accounts did not save.

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