A reform of CP recruitment

I believe that the current way to achieve the first MR position is for sure unequal and in some cases - even friendship-based. That being said, some fresh CPs aren’t well-trained and some of them may abuse the commands and don’t meet the expectations. That’s why I’m suggesting a whole new way that will improve the entire recruitment and make it so everyone can try becoming a CP. My idea is a form of academy, consisting of several stages, that will ensure the passers to be well-trained and fully aware of their responsibilities.

1st stage (application): An entrance stage. The form contains questions about rules and regulations, testing ones knowledge on the game. You need at least 90% to pass to the second stage.

2nd stage (background check + Discord DM interview with an academy representative): After passing stage 1, a background check will be made on the passer. Their level, recent activity and punishments will be checked. If they pass this part, they will be interviewed in the DMs (or in a separate channel in an academy discord server). MKing in-game interviews takes more time + some words are censored. Passers move to stage 3.

3rd stage (training phase): People who passed the 2nd stage will be required to attend a special training (hosted by an academy instructor) which teaches them how and when commands should be used. This is a key element as some CPs tend to abuse the h command which is highly unprofessional. At the end of this stage, another application will be released that will test what they learned on the training sessions.

4th stage (CP on trial): These people aren’t given the CP rank yet. They are required to host 5 sessions supervised by the academy representative. To pass this phase, they need to have all their grades be equal or above 45 (0 as the lowest grade, 10 as the highest; 50 points in total). If all the requirements are met, a player will once again undergo a background check and if everything is okay, they are promoted to Chairperson.

NOTE: If a player fails the stage, hr needs to redo the whole process after a three week cooldown.

1/ Attendees

  • Level 115 and above
  • No past serious charges
  • No safechat (13+ years of age)
  • Maturity and effort
    2/ Instructors (representatives)
  • FD+
  • 15+ years of age
  • No past serious charges
  • Activity
  • Maturity

Discord server concept:

W | kotel2005

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These were released on similar times, as if you check staff announcements you will see basically this idea, I havn’t read it all but I have read the start of it and what it seems like is that they are going to do it in sessions for CP-FD in a private server basically going over stuff and helping people not get terminated or other things.

Signed, quackrrules29 | CP

It’s a good idea and it would benefit lots of people. Though I think 15+ is a bit to high for a age requirement, I personally think 13+ is good.

*Also did anyone even thought of a way to check people’s age?

No, a lot of the CP+ i know, including myself, are just below 15, and as long as you’re 13+ you’re perfectly fine

I do agree with the rest of the system though

15+ is for academy instructors.

Age requirement for CPs is 13+
Age requirement for academy instructors is 15+

That’s a CP/FD academy, but it’s not utilized to recruit new CPs, it is just to broaden their knowledge about SV rules and admin commands.

This is just… unecessarily complicated. Simpler and easier solutions can be implemented.

It may be complicated but that will ensure that there won’t be a lot of new CPs who can’t do their job correctly. The academy will make sure that only the best of the best get the rank.

What happens is that there is a aplication form that asks basic questions then there is a training that covers the rules then there is a practice hosting and co shifts/trainings and the requirements are that they need to be a warden

Good TL:DR mate. (Blah blah blah cuz more characters).

CP for 13+. if you cp and under-13, you will demototed to Warden and banned to all statiview prison servers (discord).If you under 13,you can still play the game.

Not like that anymore, it’s FD+ needs to be 13+ and CP, if not in dizzy, doesn’t need to be 13+

Also can you not revive dead posts?