A Revamp of the Levels System

Before you read this, please take into mind:

  • DW+ can votekick.
  • PI+ can warn staff verbally.
  • PI is level 16, DW level 32 and W 64.

My opinion on the level system
The level system is an alright idea, buy needs some work. Many DW+ abuse votekicks and many I+ know hardy anything about the game.

I have a way to fix this.

Have the MO, ERT and COMM ranks unlockable through the levels system, but have the ranks PI+ have to be achieved through trainings. This would significantly decrease the amount of higher ranks with perms such as votekick which are easily abusable. I’m not saying just out-right remove the level system, keep it there for patrol logs and promotions such as CP, but do not have abusable ranks unlocked through it.

The benefits of this would be more experienced medium ranks, and an overall higher level of professionalism. It would make ranks like W respected like they were in V1, before the level system. They would also get to learn the rules and regulations.

Tell me what you think.

MrNooshie, FD

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Yeah but I’m talking about overwriting intially.

This could be an idea to prevent mis use of vote kick but i am not sure if it would work

Happy H

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