A tablet which shows inmates stuff

It would be cool if their was a tablet which officers had which shows inmates warning and record of how many times they have been in solitary or max while being a inmate. Also when you are able to add tags to the inmate like when you give a warning so when you click on them it says what they had a warning for and how many for example one warning for disobeying orders. Then it could maybe stop confusion with inmates and inmates being put in their cell for no reason.

This would be quite hard to code.


I’ve seen people use the command !notepad, and if it is what I’m thinking, then those warning and all would go to a storage, in the game everyone would have a tab for the list of warnings, and higher ranks would be able to access all warnings given to a person in their server. If this was absolutely necessary, this would possibly be the easiest choice.

I think of this just now why not make it where in handcuff GUI there’s a View items button and we can see one item so if the have 3 items like knife boombox and Glock I will have 1/3 of a chance to see any of them

Good idea, but it might be hard to control.

Wait does !notepad show what you put to the whole server?

I have no clue. I’ve never used it before.

!notepad is a literal notepad