Accidently took a quiz at the Stateview quiz center and got my ranked dropped from Deputy Warden to a Cadet Officer

I was the role of Deputy Warden in Stateview Prison but recently took a quiz at the quiz center for Stateview because I wanted to check it out and didnt know that when i passed it instantly gave me the cadet officer rank. Im a level 19 but earned the rank of Deputy Warden by completing and also passing a promotional training session. I have recently claimed back the Prison Inspector rank but can not what so ever claim Deputy Warden again it only says I can purchase it. Is there anyway I can get promoted back to a Deputy Warden as I previously was? My Roblox username is xXSolo_ShadowXx

Unfortunately, you canโ€™t do anything.

A high rank cant even promote me back to Deputy Warden?

Idk what accidently ur talking about hoe do u accidently take a quiz

they did the quiz but didnt know it demoted them

Your problem tbh. You know that popular games on Roblox have a massive chance that they have an automatic rank bot.

Itโ€™s is legit called like cadet quiz or something like that

Hello, please contact a CAC+in Discord, as they WILL fix your rank.

I am sorry to tell you, but this is YOUR problem, and you will NOT get your rank back, for doing such a dumb thing. This just shows your knowledge about Stateview, and you didnโ€™t really deserved the Deputy Warden rank. If you think you deserved this position, make a game report ticket, or DM a HR about the situation, and ask or their opinion. Please mark this as the solution, since you got tons of answers.

Hello, Warden.

Please, refrain from harassing members of Stateview. Claiming a rank is not a dumb thing, many HICOM did it, too. Harassing members will result in a punishment.

Game Administrator

I am SI. I will stop, but you owe me an excuse.

For what exactly.
I do not owe you an apology.

For saying Warden. Dude, just stop.

Bro, I saw this post now. Can I help you somehow? Maybe you claimed rank by level? If yes then just pass one training and get back to this rank! If not, then pass training and claim by level highest rank that you can! It gonna be easier to get that rank by trainings. But about itโ€ฆ Next time do quiz on alt account. Not on main :slight_smile:

kapi123xd123lol - on time posting this reply SI.

Since when do we give ppl their rank back after claiming

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The today people are really harassing.

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Well, I just transalated that message for nothing lol.

Blud done be disappearing over a forum comment :skull: