Add a new "Inmate" level

We have Maximum Security and Solitary Confinment for Inmates.
I want to suggest to add the opposite: “Good conduct Inmate”.

The color for it could be green and it could come with less restrictions, such as uncuffed transport. Inmates could get “Good conduct Inmate” if they simply show decend behaviour and get moved to a new type of cells which are a bit more confortable.

This might add encouragment to follow rules, and stop people who are behaving decent getting treated badly in return.

no no no no no no no no



Useless, and all inmates are like crazy and try to escape when they are out of cuffs

Time to be a good boi in cuffs then. :cry:

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Skoseck speaking faxs right now, the RI is already enough (well, like for people like me but others, not really, they just want more power)