Add cuff rush rule for gun fights


My name is DanielDanielWii and I am a frequent player of the stateview correction facility roleplay game. If anyone has been in a gunfight, you obviously know the pain when some random correctional officer who applied in the group got his free rank and then he clicks you while you shoot him and jump around. There are a few reasons why this rule should be featured and here is why I think so,

  • It ruins the whole point of raiding facilities, officers are COMPLETELY overpowered with the free power of clicking someone to end their time spent on escaping.

  • If the game was supposed to a roleplaying game, then why is cuff rushing a thing. Cuff rushing is nowhere near realistic and actually ruins the point of an RPG. If it is not a roleplaying game, please change the whole idea of the game from roleplay to a Cops Versus Criminals type of game style.

  • There was an apparent fix to the game, preventing officers from clicking through walls and now suspects cannot go through walls making it much more difficult. It really isn’t that difficult with this “fix” and doesn’t fix the fact that they are gonna walk out and still click while you shoot.

video: raid cuff rush problem

If you take a look in this video, myself and other criminals enter the spawn of staff command and we did it not to spawn kill mind you, we did it by accident we just needed as a place to sit at. During our times when officers entered, you can clearly observe me getting upset at the fact that I was being cuff rushed while shooting an officer and jumping around. This is the type of “overpowered” that I do not appreciate in a roleplaying game and it makes it seriously no fun for me to continue playing.

I would be applauded to hear any sort of reasoning as to why this isn’t a rule or it will not be a rule because I don’t just want to be biased out of my story. I want to hear it through other people’s opinions.

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I don’t really agree on this, it isn’t that OP, if im raiding, i can easily kill cops even when inside a hall/room

Keep in mind, to cuff rush you must have your cuff out (which is a disadvantage in a fight).
Also the weapon you get as a escapee (AK) is pretty OP.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden


I would love to agree with you, but even with the AKM being pretty powerful the cuffs can easily click someone between 5-10 studs away making the cuff rushing a bit of a unfair advantage. I do find the AKM a powerful weapon I really do, but having the ability to click once at someone to end a fight over about 3-4 clicks is a big difference.

I think M4A1 is so much easier to use.

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