Add "Failure to RP" rule back

Hello Stateview Community!
After seeing the new in-game regulations, I have noticed the “Failure to RP” rule is gone. I am not sure if it was removed or they simply forgot to add it, but I suggest adding it back, since it was an important rule broken numerous times. If you do not know what rule I am talking about, check the photo I attached. The rule includes switching teams to avoid Maximum Security/Solitary(you have been placed in Max/Sol, the cop leaves the room and you switch teams to get out of there faster), letting inmates out or in unethical places (this DOESN’T mean letting inmates out of the prison, it simply transporting inmate sout of the status, for example the status is Yard and a cop places an inmate in Cafeteria).
I find it annoying when people break this rule, so you should consider adding it back.
Thanks for reading all this.

We don’t use that anymore…
(New rules apply)

What is the rule that applies to replace those rules?

Please wait I am finding that out rn…