Add psych ward in the game (and get rid of the 2 min time limit in max and sol)

I think adding psych ward in the game would make more role playing possibilitees. All the crazy inmates could put in there to get treated. Also medical officers would get more things to do in the game, or there could be even new team like psych officer. That could be new rank to put like between prison incpector and deputy warden. In the psych there would be different places like different cells, cafeteria and hospital kind of thing but like in psych hospital. There could be also new staff rooms and maybe their own small yard for the psych inmates cause they cant be with the normal inmates. I think this new feature could make in the game something new and exciting because the game is kinda boring and role playing chances are limited even since the max and solitary have 2 minutes time limit.

It’s a bit of a harmful message to pair inmates of a correctional facility with those suffering with mental illness, I feel like anyway.

I don’t agree with the psych officer thing. Also why get rid of the 2 minute time limit. It’s better then it being 5 minutes.

The first thing to know, it’s a prison, and not a sanitarium. This is a thing if we had a solitary.