Add some sort of CP application for SI

CP seems too difficult to earn. You need to be recognized by FDs by constantly co-hosting sessions. What you could do is add a sort of requirement for the amount of sessions co-hosted. The application reader would just have to search for the applicant’s name in the channel to view the amount of sessions they had co-hosted. The application could be relatively difficult, but may seem worth it for dedicated personnel.

Only way you could access the application would be in the discord.

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CP is indeed hard to get. This is because its a responsible rank, and its not for everybody.

  • Great10Pilot, Warden
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As a former FD, CP is way too easy to get and they need to actually add more requirements to make it harder to get.

I agree to you.
I want say that application would be easy.
There will be yt videos ofc how to pass CP application.same as forums ig.

CP is more responsible rank, and it should be more difficult to get it.

Hello. Applications for ranks are unfortunately never going to happen, as we can get the staff we need in other ways. I you wish to be a CP, just work hard to gain the rank.

CP is now officially a rank to be EARNED. If we had a high amount of SIs applying for CP, not only would the amount be absurd, with having people check through them too, making it a time-consuming process, but they also would be incredibly bias and could quite frankly be dishonest. If an SI desires CP, they will feel more achieved and complete if they EARN it properly, HRs+ are on the watch for potential promotions, and you do get recognized if you put the work in. Inspections-twice a week maximum, get the stats and pass.