Add something to put your role in shifts

I think they should add something where you can put your role in a shift and have it as sort of a callsign type thing where instead of having to copy and paste [Scout] it’s attached like the old radio system that showed your rank with a number or 2. So it’d like say [Scout] Front gate clear. without the person having to paste scout.
If that makes any sense.

Agreed, its kinda annoying having to do that

Agreed, this would also help because of those people trying to sneak into shifts

I agree, but I have some of my own thoughts. Make it so this only happens in channel 2 because that’s the channel that’s supposed to be used in sessions. And for the role tags, make it a dropdown menu where you can select the tag that you’ve been assigned. Administrators can also forcefully change this tag and lock it if someone abuses it.

You just revived a post from 1 year ago, congrats!


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