Add Symbol of Rank

Add the Symbol of Rank to made Good Prison.

How to use This Symbol? : Attach the Symbol to Staff Shirt And Other

Image of Symbol.


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That’s a cool idea, and that’ll make the new players know about stuff


IA Symbol Frame

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Yoo This is very cool…

This would be a great update and would defiantly help users especially the new ones + It looks really good too.

skoseck, Facility Director

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I’m not sure there’s any need use the search bar this is just a topic for a badge and keycards to different doors.

Not rlly any use for symbols and alos u can tell by uniform and what there rank is on the leadboard

This looks amazing! Definitely should be added into the game.

Tbh I’m not sure the point it might look cool but we already have uniforms

It looks cool so it doesn’t really be needed in-game but it looks very cool

They look cool so I like the Idea

Nah IA doesn’t have a logo, that’ll take too much time

Looks pretty sick ngl. I think it’ll be a good feature for newbies to know about the ranks.

This symbol is Really Cool.

I’m Maked Another Style of Symbol.

Ngl this ain’t bad, i think they should add it

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Great idea, although I’m sure we can read rank names I like it!

Just one little opinion, change all ranks that are higher than AC (including AC) to somethin that represents leadership because like they’re not SHR so I think you messed that bit wrong, also AC should be given it’s own tag because they’re kinda like a lower CoS rather than a HR because the youtuber acs just abuse their admin for views, and CoS+ are allowed to use admin commands for absolutely no reason at all (also allowed to use blacklisted commands for a good reason)

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I think this would be a good addon for the game and possibly the Discord server. :wave:

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