Adding a Prone Position ( Laying Down )

I think that being able to lay down would be a cool feature, i’m sure that everyone would enjoy this new feature, imagine laying down and shooting at criminals vise versa. You could go prone hide somewhere and then ambush somebody if they didnt notice you laying down.
( Just a Suggestion )

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no it would be nice but to many crims will abuse it and lay on the hill making it impossible to shoot them.

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I would love to see this!
About what @MRtoast_catcattiger said, i dont think thats that big of a problem, just try to avoid bullets, run to the hill, and taze/cuff

So we should also add snipers for RRT in V3!

When isV3 coming out. Cansomeonetellme

V3 isn’t coming out anymore
Gimme characters

I believe multiple posture positions would be a nice update to Stateview… It would most diffidently be a big impact on Stateview because we’ve never had this before, but overall it’s a pretty good idea.

I disagree with the posture positions being used to shoot guards/inmates, camp out on hills, or use them in an abusive way that will bring a negative role-playing experience.

But an example Stateview could use is from “Emergency Response: Liberty County”. I believe they have multiple posture positions that can’t be abused.

Nice Idea :+1:

Sincerely Trey,
Branch Diversity Team