Adding some grenades, tear gas, etc

Probably adding grenades for ERT teams is great, and adding tear gas which will slower a person from running and walking. And add a Flashbang for Commander+ only (if they are on the ERT team).


Agreed, my idea is that grenades do more damage the closer they are to the player, tier gas will do some damage but not much and I like the slowing down idea, I think that the flashbang obviously should blind them and try to make it loud ( My Ideas ) ( You Don’t Have To Do These)

@Ghost_x Love the suggestion but the prison isnt a warzone, I doubt grenades would be added although there is a possibility for tear gas or pepper spray. Keep the suggestions up!!


Funny, so the prison becomes a warzone now? :sweat_smile: (Ik timmy said no, but its funny)

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This would be very useful since if there is a raid or riot then throw a flashbang or tear gas

Yeah that’s true haha well ig we will have to wait and see.

I do not agree with this, prison is not a war group, hah

Should be rank locked for sure

Yes, tear gas would be awesome.

Lol, facts. Grenades would be taking it a bit far

Yeah, that is too far lol, Don’t fancy a war zone in a prison

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If it was call of duty grenades would be fun but it’s not

I agreed with you, it isn’t a warzone.

i would rather tier gas gernades make it more like a warzone but tier as can only be for WARDEN+ or DW+ due to lower ranks abusing it.

but the amount of lag i will die from how much lag will happen i already get lag at the gate lol.

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The grenades are a no.But the tear gas and flashbang can stay. Consider a pepper spray that very slowly damages their health and blinds them. DW+ only.

Hello Ghost,

Wonderful idea, it ceases to be a great idea that would change how police play Stateview Prison. I believe COMM get too much permissions (lockdown; easily abused, assault rifles, etc.) and I believe that PI+ should be eligible to get it rather than COMM’s.

I think DW OR WARDEN+ as PI is a pretty early rank.

DW or Warden only. PI is a very early rank. You need to play less than 24 hours to become a PI. DW+!!! #StateviewAbuseFree!

Lmao the prison will turn into a hellhole

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Tbh, peperspray is in my opinion a good idea, teargas and gernades? These things are supposed to be used to get people out of each other or a warzone, In my opinion, just add peperspray, and an electric baton would be a good idea too, make it have like only 1 second reload time and give it the same effect as a tazer.

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