AFK with no Level XP

So basically , the game kicks us if we are afk in game to prevent afk xp grinding. Sometimes , I had to do something mid-game and be afk. After I got back I was kicked because the game thinks that I was afk grinding. So what I am requesting is that a feature that can make you go afk without getting any xp , so we won’t get xp and still be afk.


This would be really great, also make a gui above your head do people can see that your AFK

Roblox kicks you automatically after 20 minutes, so no use.

But 20 minutes is 1/3 of one level so if you do that three times or move at 19 minute mark you can keep going.

If you go into AFK mode then there could be a place that you can get teleported to that keeps you moving, you would press a button and it would go there. Another solution to this is if you stand still for a minute, XP will no longer be obtained.

Getting kicked from being AKF is user-input based, noting in-game can prevent it from happening