All Details For The Warning Systems

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Game Vote Kick System
W1: Warning One
W2: Warning Two
W3: Warning Three
VK: Votekick
Only DW+ can do this.

How Does RoGuard Work?
You can Get kicked from game because:

  1. Bugs Or glitches can make it look like your hacking and you will be kicked.
  2. Kicked Using Admin Commands Like Flying or teleporting
  3. Hacking
  4. Slow Or Bad Internet

Ranks And Punishments
SSI: Suspended Security Inmate
You Are added to this rank so you just can’t join only V2: ⭐ Stateview Prison - Roblox

Kick: You Have Been Kicked From The Game

Voted Off: You Have Been Kicked: You Have Been Voted Off

Tempban: You Have Been Kicked: You Have Been Banned (Time Left: x Days x Hours x minutes x seconds)-> Don’t Know If This Is True

Pban: You Have Been Kicked: You Have Been Perm Banned

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