All of these problems with AA

If you don’t want admin abusing don’t sell admin and don’t sell ranks that have admin.


What was the point of making this topic? Anyways;

  • Gamepass Admin commands are pretty much impossible to abuse apart from refresh and respawn, which can easily be reported. You just need a screenshot of the in-game logs and then we can check BloxCord and discord logs to make sure they abused it.
  • The highest rank being sold right now is Superintendent which doesn’t have admin permissions.
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I completely agree with Endo. It was pretty pointless making this topic. Stateview has a great system for taking care of admin abuse, and like Endo said. The command they sell are actually hard to abuse.

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well i got a shr ban a Mass AA yesterday

What do you mean? You got banned yesterday by a SHR for mass AA?

NO someone els i had logs oppen ans saw someone was mass AA

You can report them if you have screenshots of the logs.

I know and because of the new year i got one free year of nitro on dizzy