(Almost) Everything Wrong With Stateview

Hello! Now, You May Be Asking WHY I Wrote This Topic. Well, It Is To State My Opinions And See What The Community Thinks. So, Lets Get Right Into It!

1: The Gun Aiming Is VERY Hard To Use. Now, Before You Scream “SKILL ISSUE”, Chill. Some People Just Aren’t That Good At Aiming In 3rd Person. My Fix? Either Make It A Setting (Gun POV: 1st/3rd), Or Just Bring Back The Old Mechanic That Allowed Players To Choose Using I Or O (Roblox Preset For Zoom In To 1st POV/Zoom Out To 3rd POV)

2: EVERYONE Should Get Basic Admin CMDS Like ;sit, ;ref And ;pm. You May Be Asking “Then What’s The Use Of GM Admin?”. Well, It Gives Them Face, Cape, Pants, Shirt, And Other Accessory Commands, And Res (As An Added Bonus).

3: Why Not Allow Superintendents To Host? If The Answer Is “Not Enough Experience”, Then Maybe Make It So If A SI Logs At Least 5-8 Sessions, They Can Host. Also, You Can Set The Same Quota. As For The ;h Command, Set A Preset For Superintendent. They Can Only Use This Preset 3 Times, And After That, Must Wait 25 Mins To Use It Again. They May Use !bonus For 1 Bonus Call IF They Have Already Used Their 3 Presets.

4: Instead Of Modcall, Why Not Warnings? They Show Up Beside Your Name, And SI+ Can Use Them WITH A Valid Reason. For A Warn To Be Accepted, A Mod+ Would Overlook It (Proof Would Be Sent, Using Something Like A Quick Screen Capture), And If Approved, They Would Appear Next To Your Name. A False Warn Will Yield 3 Warnings Per Month, Before A Demotion.

5: Stateview x Cerrato | Now This Is Basically A Perk (So Nothing Wrong Here), But Why Not Include A Little Cerrato Booth (Like You Might See A Subway In A Mall) Into The Cafeteria? As We Know, Jimmy Acquired 50% Of Cerrato. Officers Could Use It To Get Fresh Refreshments.

Final Thoughts: Thank You For Reading This. Please Post Your Opinions/Facts, And Until Next Time.

  • Kadambis1/EXVirtu
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Hungry SI alert.
This is useless, only good thing i see is the first one. All the other ones are just to give SI more power.
Edit: will be posting a more detailed opinion later.

If You Read, It Says EVERYONE That Includes W- Even Cadet Officer. READ

Also, How Does Stateview x Cerrato Help SI’s?

AND MODCALL, Half The Mods Cant Come On Bcuz Of Timezones. CST, EST Thats Fine, But CST, BST, NO WAY Thats Easy

  1. Commands for everyone is just a straight up no. Just buy the game pass, and admin for everyone would lead to MASS abuse.

  2. Didn’t read the last part.

  3. NO. CP admin was removed due to mass abuse, giving SI perks like kick and warn would lead to even more as SI is achievable by a training and most of the people aren’t even in the Discord.



Mate you can ref yourself out of cuffs

This is why the position of Superintendent does not have lots of permissions / authorization.

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Make it so when in cuffs, ref dont work. SIMPLE

Do you understand how much work that would be :skull::skull::skull:

And just because of some hungry SI who doesn’t want to pay for game pass admin.

It already works like that, you can’t ref or res when you are cuffed. You also can’t ref or res when you don’t have all your health.

I can add one more roleplay gimmechars



Giving superintends all of the power in the world is a terrible idea. Not even CPs have that amount of power. As for the other points I don’t need them being to big of a issue.

  • Stamp,
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