Alot of BUGS at the new update

I will be listing all the bugs that I saw at the new update ‘500k update part 1’ as I don’t prefer this update…

First: Cars, I cannot get in to the car to drive and once I want to go in to drive it won’t let me drive. So every time it makes me need to walk to the prison…

Second: Cash, What is the cash used? And what is the purpose to earn cash? And how much time in order to collect cash when we play? No explain, No reason?! And even there’s only 4 task and if I want to generate task it will be wasting robux…I suggest you guys should learn like Adopt Me Taskboard, there’s a one task per day for us to do instead of need robux to generate.

Third: Zombie Walking, this is the worst walking I seen in Roblox. Why we have Zombie Walking? And when we shoot, our gun isn’t shooting the target and sometimes I even cannot shoot…

Fourth: Death & Blank Screen, it happens a lot of time. When we dead the screen turn to blank and it’s need a few seconds to reload so it makes us cannot see what’s the map going on.

Six: Map GUI, why you need to put a map Gui below? There’s no used and when all the map is just like sea and water it doesn’t shown where are we.

Conclusion, there’s a lot of bugs through this update this time, I hope devs can take it seriously.

We are looking into the car collision issue. Everything else mentioned are not bugs and are preparation for part two of this update.

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Just letting you know that the map GUI on the bottom corner doesn’t have the sea in it. I thought the same but I recognised what it was & it was just the prison roof. The map is to show where you can go once you escape, not to tell you around the prison.

I have applied a fix for the collision issue that will be pushed out later tonight. Please notify me if you still experience issues.

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