Anti gun abuser system

Maybe for the gun abusers, why not make a system like, if you kill a unarmed inmate that did not pass the red line it gives a auto warning. Then with 3 warnings you get changed to inmate and get security teams locked or something like that. Also, adding a guidebook in-game with the last thing would be good, so no one can place the excuse “I didn’t knew the rules”. (Pls don’t kill me, just trying to give a idea)

NO, I HATE THAT! Its like in jail break, it was so annoying. The reason I started playing SV was because you dont have such things and are more free. Also, this would probably always glitch. Its only my personal opinion, dont hate me

The reason I played Sv is to boss people around as a warden .-.

And, what about a guidebook in-game? So people can’t aay “I didn’t know the rules”

If they “didnt know the rules” thats not an excuse, you are resposible for what youre doing and if youre not sure about something, ask someone. Also, what would a guidebook in-game do when we dont even have it here nor in the discord?