Appeal for stateview

Only high staff could probably do anyrhing about this so around a year ago honestly idk i got banned i think it was a temp ban or something. I also forgot what the main reason was but after that i was foolish and i threatened high ranking staff with blacklist logs to be leaked. I was very foolish and honestly at that time i was starting to lose paitience in stateview and now i have lived with the fact i was stupid and foolish so i hope you could forgive me and unban me :pray:

  1. Not the place to Appeal
  2. Appeal In our Discord Server
  3. Appeal here Stateview Administration

First im banned thats all i got to say I also said high staff which i meant higher then Prison Comissoiner

Why dont you appeal for me. When i was in stateview i used to see a few people appeal for others idk if thats allowed now or not but idk

Use the search bar lol

? What do you mean id you could clarify that would be nice ?

There are so many appeals and they all have the same solution

Nothing will really happen if you appeal here + DM a Discord CAC+ I would guess and if you are banned from Intel (Stateview Administration) you messed up really bad to be in that situation…

skoseck, Facility Director

Skoseck, he threatened to leak blacklist logs, which means a blacklist for him, which means you should be banned from main and sometimes intel, because when I got bled by SVIA I got banned from both main and intel, so the best thing you can do it to dm a SVIA agent @lac_ey

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Ok wait, i was half correct, you did get a perm blacklist, but it was for leaking classified IA punishments

Thats the msg id

Probably wont get unbanned, for that reason. Leaking IA chats or anything to do with IA is most likely unappealable.

Yeh well i eant to try get back into the game its been a while now ngl ive learnt from my mistakes and i never leaked the logs of blacklist i just threatened to and i cant get dm anyone becuase i have a new discord account

And i got told blacklist logs were public idk if thats correct but if they banned me for leaking blacklist logs becuase thats what i threatened them for then why should i still be banned there public now anyway. But honestly i just want to get back into the game and enjoy it and maybe see some people i remember from ages ago.

Blacklist logs used to be private but they’re public now, but you threatened to leak IA punishment logs, which meant that they gave you a blacklist

I made them public. :flushed: I just if i got perm blacklist for threatenting leaking blacklist logs which there public now anyway wheres the reason for me to be banned becuase there public anyway. I also want to dm someone about this becuase I knew i would probabiy get no response so if u maybe could find someone to add my discord so i can add them back so we can talk. Its kinda got to be a high rank. (If fennie is the fennie who was there when i was there then could u try get her)

Well uh, you should try dming a IA member, but even if they let you appeal i highly doubt that it would do anything
Farley, itequre, dramaking, I can’t remember anyone else, you could try fennie

How do i dm someone if i cant get to them. can you dm fennie say that Do you remember J_amsco (jams) if she says yes then can u send her this Jams#4542

This is why I dm every IA agent and say this is to keep future records, once that saved me

Can someone explain to me what a SVIA agent is, and what IA stand for?

SVIA means stateview intelligence agency
And IA stands for Intelligence agency