Are appeals unappealable after 7 days?

I have submitted an appeal after the appeal cooldown ended. The appeal looked to be successful until it was said that after 7 days, the action becomes unappealable. Is this a rule or just the appeal staff member?

yeah its a rule and it was said in staff announcements

You may only appeal for staff warnings and demotions [including terminations] within 7 days of the action, anything appealed after that deadline will be denied.

Does that apply if I had an appeal cooldown right after getting terminated?

Yes. If you were terminated, you have 7 days to appeal. The appeals cooldown doesnt matter

They should really reduce specific cooldowns to 3 days…

But pretty sure that’s the point of a 7 day cool down, to gib you one chance and one chance only for appeal, and make sure you learn your lesson (but like 1-5% of the sv community never learns their lesson, like opal and ■■■■)