Auto close doors after 10-15 second

How are inmates supposed to escape then?
Telepathetic powers?

They could just jump over the gate during yard time.

There are multiple ways to escape, rather than depending on open doors.
Plus, local prisons have automated doors for that very reason: to prevent escapes.

Still though, 10-15 seconds is a ridiculous timer. I honestly can see doors just closing on people during Inspections whle they are SFL behind the host. Or formations in Riot Protocols constantly breaking. Or ciminals having to open the same door what feels like every second.

If guards don’t screw up, you can escape by really few ways, mainly parkouring on each other at Yard or Max Yard (but let’s be honest, now that inmates stay in max for like 2 minutes who is gonna bother to take them there?).
Making doors automatically close removes a lot of being cautious as a guard. Who cares if I left three doors in a row open? In 10 seconds they’ll be closed.

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