Ban appeal: EEEEKK25

I got banned for “Inappropriate or a abusive use of tools” I don’t know what I did. I suspect why I got banned is this PI was being rude to me a warden and a commander and we gave her 3 warnings but she wouldn’t stop. Then a commander went up and asked what was happening. Then she said we were “harassing” her. Then without a second he immediately took her side. Then a warden got sick of her and vote kicked. Then she said she was going to get us banned and demoted and was going to use the vote kick as proof. and the commander also said he was going to get us banned he also started calling us terrible wardens. Also the reason we had to try to stop her was she was giving out false warnings.

You got game banned and terminated for Votekick Abuse. Appeal here: Stateview Administration

Hello, I was also banned but I can’t appeal in the server. Is there any other way? Please I am desperate. I have 23 hours on state view prison. Let me know if you know of any other way.

You wouldn’t be banned on the Stateview Administration server. If you want an invite just Friend Orie#2474 on Discord, I can send the link for your appeal.

Do not make appeals in here, make appeals in the stateview administration discord server.

As punishments have changed severely you will likely have it accepted.

Please can you stop spamming this in every topic.