Ban appeal: itaygg7711

A year ago I get ban For a really incomprehensible and illogical reason: ART INVESTIGATION I did not know what I did and even today I do not know what I did No one sent me a message No one spoke to me No one gave me a warning. I ask to cancel it For the simple reason That it was not justified. I really liked the game and bought the rank of admin command.

Appeal it in the administration server.

Main server: Add a Server
Administration server: Stateview Administration
Game appeals channel

P. S Don’t worry if anybody does not reply to your appeal for few hours, someone will always take your appeal into consideration, but it may be even after 12 hours.


You are not banned and if you were someone has unbanned you.

If you wanted to appeal please appeal at Stateview Administration Thanks.

Appeal at the intel server, not the stateview forums.

Don’t revive dead posts. Check the date it was last replied to before you reply to it.

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Could You tell me how I could get to the administration server?

  1. Don’t revive dead posts
  2. Here is intel server: here