Ban application:lego63567

Can i get unbaned my username is: lego63567. So i was playing with my friend and he was new so i was viewing him to help him get around then i went to a shift when i was leaving i kept getting reported back.To a mod then i just got perm band. For mass AA but I just got a staff warning and I was just trying to help my friend. It was just a misunderstanding i’v been band for like 2 years.I started playing when chairperson was for sail and capes wen’t working.Can I please get unbaned. I’ve been kick out of discord .That’s why i’m here.I’m a veterinarian of this game.If I get Unbaned I would spend more Robux. Mod pleas help.I’m a dw with no promotion from training all from playing.

As therubyplaya said:
Do not make appeals in here, make appeals in the stateview administration discord server.

i was removed from discord sever so i can’t

I can’t do anything about that, sorry. :confused:

it’s ok. :sob: That’s why i’m posting this

If you’re removed from the discord servers that is NOT our issue.
You can DM an HR to try and obtain a link to the administration server, stop flooding the forums with the appeal, we do not take appeals over forums.

Since when did stateview have vets???

I also wanna apply for a ban!!!