Banned, can’t access discord. Appeal below

Hi I was temporarily banned for literally no reason, I have no idea why they banned me. I was playing as a prisoner and was trying to escape like normal. Then I got kicked from that server and then I got banned the next day. Please help me I am desperate, I have 23 hrs on the game. Also I can’t use discord can anyone help me or contact someone high up for me please?

Why cant you use discord? Its sadly the obly way to get unbanned other than just waiting to be unbanned.

Darn. but anyway thank you so much for helping me at least. But do you have anyway to find out why I was banned?? User Pebbles26264

That’s classified information while we have access to it it’s illegal to leak that.

You can tell people their own reasoning lo. Just not publicly to others

Can i get unbaned my username is: lego63567. So i was playing with my friend and he was new so i was viewing him to help him get around then i went to a shift when i was leaving i kept getting reported back.To a mod then i just got perm band. For mass AA but I was just trying to help my friend. It was just a misunderstanding i’v been band for like 2 years.I started playing when chairperson was for sail and capes wen’t working.Can I please get unbaned.

Appeal at the discord server, not here.

Please tell me what the title of this channel on Forum is for…
Banned, can’t accesss discord. Appeal below

Please tell me why you revive dead posts. Literally now some people will see this again and appeal here thinking it is correct. couldve just let it died

What is the point of this then??

Next time you revive a dead post me, jonah, and blub are gonna chew you out x100. Just check the damn dates before you reply

The point was someone trying to appeal here, but that doesnt mean you should revive it. Just let it decay and eventually no one will try to appeal here