Basic Admin for CP (hear me out)

So… here we are again with admin for CP.

So I believe CP should get basic admin for a couple reasons.

  1. They are CPs. I believe that they should have some sort of admin as they can also host sessions & co-host trainings. This would greatly benefit performance in both as they can communicate with people without going on to discord & can do questions in trainings without paying robux for admin.

  2. The requirements for CP has changed. It used to be so you could buy CP, and there were about a thousand CPs. Now we are down to below 100, and the cap is 150. Everyone who gets CP is now qualified for CP.

Since you can’t buy CP most of the time, I believe CP+ is now qualified for basic admin. Yes I am aware the search bar exists, but I would like to bring this up as it is something that I have been thinking about for a while.

Criticism is accepted (with reasoning of course).

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I agree with you, maybe give commands needed in trainings and shifts, in shifts the supervisor can actually then give grade based on how he would do while hosting with announcements. In trainings the supervisor can see how he would do as host and CP could help with faces, etc.



I would be cautious about giving CPs commands such as srlock or h, but most other commands (view, sit, pm, chatlogs, etc.) would be fine.

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Okay. This would be nice, but for the people who bought CP with the gamepass, lots may abuse.
Giving them HR, or maybe making a like MR admin command level, with only a couple commands, may be fine. But it might also remove the point of FD supervising if they can do H, and srlock. Maybe CP will only be able to do commands on different people. And maybe srlock or something. Idk, just my opinion.

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Took this back in 2021 (few weeks before CP admin was removed)