Better Mobile Support

Their Needs to be better mobile support, for example the ui after a few times of dying it just disappeares (the punch, crouch and sprint buttons) you cant switch between cameras (i was doing a training and i was cam op unfortunately i was unable to switch between cameras thus it possibly affected me getting a promotion) and fix the radio ui so that it shows the transmit button on mobile overall its a completely differrent experience on pc so please add more support for mobile many thanks.

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Agreed. There are several things wrong with mobile support at the moment, some of which I have listed below:

  • When switching channels on the radio, the damn button is so small it takes me 5 minutes to even get to channel 2/3.

  • Revive/stomp buttons rarely work.

Would also like to address just how incompatible Bloxcord Sessions are with mobile - it’s impossible if you don’t have a second device or a windowed split-screen. Is it possible for BC Sessions to have basic functionality used through commands?

Yeah exactly, however i think reviving and stomping is an error for both pc and mobile since it takes a while for it to recognise for whatever reason but i get what you mean needs to be sorted as its an unfair disadvantage compared to pc players