[Big] Update Ideas list

Roleplay Ideas - To make the prison roleplay feel more interesting

- Prison Gangs: Make it possible to create “gang” groups to make the inmate roleplay more interesting, there could be rival prison gangs that players can join, each with its own pros and cons (Such as being part of a known gang, therefore being watched more, but having more perks).

- Recreational Activities: Develop mini-games or activities like basketball, weightlifting, or card games that inmates can participate in during their free time which enhances the prison experience and doesn’t make it boring.

- Individual Cell Placement: Make an individual cell for each player, not random ones, each cell will contain a locker and other personal things in which inmates can hide contraband or materials (from crafting and contraband idea) and which guards are able to search

- Random Events: Introduce unexpected events like riots, lockdowns, or surprise inspections (searching cells etc.) to add some chaos for guards and some suspence for inmates who are planning to escape.

- Visitor Interaction: Include visitation times where players can receive gifts, information, or escape tools from outside contacts (expand map and make a new team such as civilians for outside interaction).

- Weather Effects: Implement weather changes that (Optional: impact the prison’s functionality, like heavy rain causing leaks or slippery floors) enhance the roleplay and realistic experience

- Criminal Radio: Add radio communications for criminals to plan raids and make inmates escape

System Ideas - New systems which could enhance the roleplay experience

- Prison Jobs: Include a variety of prison jobs like janitorial work, cooking, or laundry, which can offer rewards like an in-game currency which can be used to either buy smuggled items from an NPC or something else.

- Inmate Reputation: Develop a reputation system based on the inmate’s actions (previous attempts to escape, punching other people, having contraband etc.) that affects how other inmates and guards perceive and treat the player (a lower reputation score will make guards be more careful around that player).

- Crafting: Add various materials and resources hidden around the prison which inmates can collect to craft improvised weapons and tools.

- Contraband System: Create a contraband system for smuggling and trading contraband items within the prison, there could be an NPC which inmates buy smuggled items from / Criminals smuggling items inside the prison to help inmates escape.

- ^^^ Contraband Detection: Add security measures like metal detectors and random searches to prevent contraband circulation.

- Training Areas: Allow players to train and become stronger (weightlifting), increasing their chances of winning fights or escaping.

Map Building - Enhancement of the play area

- Prison Library: Add a library where players can read books, gain knowledge or skill improvements (By gaining knowledge inmates unlock more crafting options; Referred to crafting idea above).

- City: Give a purpose to the city, add a bank, make some officers patrol, add a civilian team which stays in the city/can buy houses etc.

- Showers: Revamp the shower area making it bigger and feel less restricted

- Lunch: Revamp the lunch area by making it bigger, feel less restricted and enhance the area by adding something.

Administration Suggestions - New tools which would make administration easier and/or more effective

- Killlogs: Add a killlogs command which shows the kill logs

- IA Tag: Add an IA tag in-game to use when informing people about rule-breaking

- Timeout: Add a timeout command which would temporarily remove tools, bring into an area and team them to a “timeout” team for a length in between 1 and 10 minutes. (Sort of like Max and Sol but for officers)

Please leave below your opinion on this list of ideas, based on popular opinions or suggestions I will edit and add new things to the list.


The Prison gangs idea is a great idea. I also think that if they are in a gang they should have a thing above their name that tells people what gang they are in, but to make it harder only inmates can see it, not officers. Also some perks to being in a gang could be double XP for like 15 or 20 minutes, and like the ability to order the other inmates who are not in gangs around.

I think the Individual Cell placement could work and it sounds nice, but it may be a little too confusing for CAO and correction officers.

Going back to prison gangs I think to join them you need to pass a physical test to prove that you are better then regular inmates.

The city DOES need a purpose but I think if we add more to it we would need to do something to balance the amount of officers patrolling in the city and in the prison.

I acutally like the first ideas, but I dont like the systems that much. prison jobs /npcs sellings guns would take away the uniqeness of the game, and crafting also takes away that feeling for me. Training i also dont quite like, but using the equipment as activity i do like. Also there are detectors at the exit of the prison ( they can be moved to a seperate room near Cb). I think some of the ideas are great, and sould be implemented into Sv 3

I like the roleplay ideas as they are some nice ideas.
As for the system, Prison Jobs have already been suggested.

Shouldn’t this be higher reputation score?
I don’t like the reputation because some guards might not know what it is and KoS.
But the rest are great ideas.
The Map Building section.
1, 3, 4 are good ideas but 2 would just take out some fun in the game.
And the commands are good but not the IA tag. Maybe have a custom text thingy.

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I mean, for the tag, just anything that makes people in IA recognized in-game as something different than normal staff because nobody listens to us while we are probably the ones which know more of the rules.