Bring Back The G-Bans


So I have noticed that the timings for the AFK Farming and oth rs have significantly change into nonsense ones!

Like e.g Of like an Inmate is AFK for like 2 Hours in a day and they get G-Banned they only get like around an hour of a ban.

Which is nonsense as I could as well go and watch youtube while my G-Ban goes out…

If I could I would definitely return to the:

7 days
30 days
270 days
365 days
And 10 years

As they are very accurate and correct.

Thanks to @Sirnotnormal for reminding me the GBan days.

skoseck, Facility Director | Appeals Staff

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Yes change the game ban back to the old version, it’s way better than the new one, new one is kinda useless tbh, like 1 hour ban?

Yeah like to watch youtube for one hour and then come back to AFK farm again… Kinda useless tbh

For real because people would finaly get that rule-breaking/cheating is not appropriate or fun, when you get G-Ban for like 30-365 days you will learn something, when you get it for 1 hour you will learn that you can get only 1h for that, so i completly agree.

alexikxdddd - Facility Director, Events Team

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I completely agree with you and your statement!

Thank you skoseck!


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So many things have changed while I was dead omg

4D has announced a change to the ban times, now it’s even worse

They are better now then they used to be :confused:

I agree, if I was a afk farmer I would get banned for a short amount of time and I would go back and continue to do it. because of how short the time afk farmers could get levels very easily.

How long can I be AFK without being G-Banned? Should I be afraid that I get g-banned for being afk for 10 minutes?

YaBoyDabi | Warden

You shouldn’t even be afk for over 2 min, just leave the game if you’re going away from your pc
And yes, if someone records you being afk for over 10 min, you can get banned