Votekick was the best feature high ranks could have now because it was deleted the Warden rank is NOW COMPLETELY USELESS!!! Also why was it even deleted? Who thought that deleting votekick would reduce abusers? That doesn’t make sense, now there are more abusers than ever people who avoid arrests by reconnecting, and others doing other stuff.

If someone’s abusing the feature there is something called “report” and you can use an app called Medal to record from time before so you can be able to record the whole incident, with this argument it is completely pointless to delete the feature if you think people are abusing it, for the same reason that now people have to !modcall to report abusers when you could just vote kick them and report the people who abuse vote kick instead of complaining about it, I only got one incident and I didn’t complain about it in discord that I had to mess up the whole game.

Warden is not a high rank also it was abused a lot, Also GA has been reducing the amount of abusers

Chair Person

Modcall is also inefficient alot

Not really Mod call works fine maybe response times are little high but that’s prob it.

responce times are way too high thats why its inefficient

Its better then the Old abused vote kicking system




Modcall is a far better system then votekicking, lets say you need to be Warden or above, that would just bring more abuser Wardens into SV. Modcalls may take a while for the mod to respond too, but its a heck of a lot better then people abusing votekick.