Bug report - MOBILE ONLY

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Description: Hey, this a bug report for mobile and the M4A1 weapon. So basically, if you get killed by a fugitive/inmate, when you respawn the game glitches out and thinks you are on PC. The button such as to run gets removed, and when you equip your gun it puts a curser on your screen as you are also on PC.

How often it occurs: Well, Everytime you die to a fugitive/criminal with a M4A1 specifically! I have tried this with the other weapons, and the glitch does not happen.

Where does it occur: Anywhere/Stateview game.

How to clone: Get an alt or an inmate test subject, give them an M4A1, have them shoot you and when you respawn you HAVE to click ‘Give Up’, do not get stomped out.

Video showing the bug: Below.

This bug is well known and you just need to rejoin.