Bullet resistant vests for ERT'S

Hello, this was an inspiration from @doctormosa but what I think we should do is add bullet resistant vests that can block 20% of damage inflicted by Glocks, M4A1’s and etc. Instead of a chance to block all bullets, it will block 20% of all bullets that comes. I’m sure this would help reduce the amount of ERT’s dying and it would increase the lifespan of a normal guard. Also, sometimes inmates have Honey Badgers and RPG’s and it’s really OP which justs destroys the guards so this vest would really help out.



Yeah I wonder if maybe the vest already has perks but if not this would help.

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I disagree. They can use their m4a1 to defend against basic riots and blocking damage is useless while fighting against honey badgers or RPG. Plus the riot shield exists.

The riot shield does nothing bro

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yes the P2W kids are annoying

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Reminds me of that one time I fought an inmate many times and won all of them.
I had an M16 and they had an M134


Hello @outdashed first the riot shield does nothing and is basically a prop and it doesn’t really do anything to block the damage.

If I’m correct, it has a 1/4 chance to block bullets. If it doesnt tho, do it to the riot shield instead of vests if yall rly want smth to block bullet dmg.

it used to block damage but now it doesn’t

Yeah see, this is why we need something to block damage with…

they need to revamp vest, they are ugly ah

I TOTALY disagree beacuse:

As they can use their M4A1 to block this feature would be too heavy.

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Additional note

I would agree if they add this for the riot shield.

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