Can I have my regular badge back

I lost my trust level 3 badge/regular and I was wondering if I could have it back please.

please can I have it back.


This is not proof you have regular, and if you were that active then just continue being active and you will get it back.

Exactly I don’t have it I HAD it.

Ok, do u have proof? . . . characters

He literally showed proof and yes he did have the badge but he lost it so did i and idfk why

Agent ur sped, he showed his proof. It was removed cuz bad

That proof is not good enough because it only shows him going up a trust level. That could be a promotion to any trust level.

Look even I have that.

The point is that I had it

Indeed more hard

His stats are the proof not the message lol. The stars he showed automatically grant you regular. Point is he lost it cuz of inactivity or sum ■■■■ idk maybe it expires either way its gone for me him and blub lost it too for a dhort period of time

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Shut jonah
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Just shut jonah
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Lol Jonah you have given up
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Idk why i should shut all i said was literally that he did have the badge and i was only helping this diecussion develop i dont see what ur point is. All i said was that he did have solid proof but yet still lost it. Idk why i shouldnt say anything now? Im confused

Yes this is best proof I can find.

Hm ok did you kinda just quit forums or somethin else
(Characters pls)

No not really I just didn’t want to get involved in much.

I do not think that they can give you anything as it is done by a bot.

I have regular, it’s kinda useless because you only get to edit other peoples topic names, but you can’t necessarily use that ability unless they ask for it (well you can but it kinda counts as abusing) also here are the other abilities

A private lounge (Not useful, in this forum there is no private lounge)
More powerful flags (Not really useful unless there’s a rule breaking user and you need to hide their msgs)

If you look at the discourse website you need to constantly be active