Cannot refill my ammo

  • Description: I cannot refill my ammo in the armoury once I run out of it.
  • How often does it occur: Whenever I run out of ammo.
  • Where does it occur: In the armoury.
  • How to reproduce: Run out of ammo and then go to the armoury to try to refill the ammo.
  • Video showing the bug: 2023-01-02 11-14-38

@Andrew3004 There is no way to refill, it’s most likely intended for the game. It’s very annoying :triumph::triumph:

What I heard is that they are working on something for it, but currently you just have to die to get new ammo.

Did you seriously reply AFTER HALF AN YEAR? Could you please look at the date before replying? Also, for your information, at the time of making this post, the refilling ammo was an official update, but it was still broken, and it still is, so the but report is still valid.

It’s 5 months not half a year. Also it is still a problem

Isn’t it then a good idea to make the post active… :thinking: This will get it to the top and get more attention :wink:

Sadly, only criminals can refill their ammo :smiling_face_with_tear:

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its not letting me claim my role in game i need help

@lilvon54 Isn’t that just bad internet?